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Monday – Friday (except holidays)
8:00 AM – 5:00PM


Residents/business establishments within the service area of IGACOS Water District who are interested to avail of the water service.

What are the requirements?

Step Applicant / Client Service Provider Duration Person In-charge



Attend the briefing/Orientation and get application forms with checklist of requirements.

Orient the applicant on the following:
• Existing policies, regulations and procedures
• Responsibilities both the district and the concessionaire’s side.• Issue a certificate of attendance and record in the Logbook the applicant’s name and address.Endorse to Eng’g clerk the approved Certificate of Attendance for inspection.

35 mins


Comercial Staff

Fill up the application forms and provide requirements needed.
Designate plumber to conduct site inspection.
5 min
Engineering clerk
Assist in the conduct of inspection for desired location of installation and receives the duplicate copy of list of materials for purchase.
Conduct inspection in the area, sketch out the service connection location, identify and list the materials needed and provide client a copy of the list.
40 mins
Eng’g Clerk/Plumber



Submit the application forms, requirements and pay the required fees.

Check the following:
a. Signatures of the applicant
b. Proof of ownership (lot & building ownership)
c. Lease Agreement
d. Latest Barangay Clearance
e. Latest Community Tax Number
f. Special Power of Attorney
g. Certificate of OccupancyIf found complete and in accordance with the standard requirements, he/she may mark stamped “approved” for processing.If documents submitted found incomplete, he/she may return the documents and indicate lacking documents. Indicate also the date of return of documents and the date of receipt after completing the lacking documents.If okay, prepare Statement of Account

10 min.


Commercial staff

Pay to the cashier
Issue Official Receipt
5 min



Submit the Service application forms together with the OR and SOA to the service provider

 Receive the set of documents and prepare the Maintenance Service Request form, and Requisition and Issuance Slip for installation.

Forward the set of documents to the office of the General Manager for approval

Endorse the approved application to engineering section for installation. Provide the client a claim slip.


20 min.


Eng’g Clerk

Keep and present the claim slip when claiming for the notarized copy of Service Connection Contract
Provide client with the notarized copy of Service Connection Contract
5 min
Commercial Clerk